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Can A Web Site Help Every Business using barcode implement for visual .net control to generate, create code 128 code set a image in visual .net applications. Microsoft Office Excel Website There s so much hy Code128 for .NET pe on the Internet (remove the hype and it would collapse within hours) that many people now believe that every business should have, must have, a Web site. But in many cases a Web site won t do a lot of good.

Don t expect a sudden rush of sales just because you have a couple of Web pages. Take, for instance, the case of a small local plumbing business. Will setting up a Web site be worth the time and hassle (and believe me, it can take a lot of both), not to mention money (it doesn t have to take much money, though) Probably not.

Few people will search the Web looking for a plumbing company; they re more likely to look in the Yellow Pages (and even if they do look online, they ll probably use the online Yellow Page systems, such as or Scoot mentioned in 16, which won t take them to a company s Web site). Spending a lot of money on a Web site probably won t be cost-effective.

However, maybe a plumbing company can use a Web site. Let s say this company sells plumbing supplies and perhaps even has a plumbing supply catalogue that it sends to independent plumbers. In this case, it makes sense for the company to have a Web site.

The company s market may be nationwide, and the Web can become one more channel for reaching customers. There s another very low-cost way that a Web site might help a small company. As radio-show host Tom King has suggested, a Web site can be used as what he called an electronic business card for businesses that are out and about providing services.

The plumbing company could put its URL on the sides of the vans, in large letters:, or whatever. In effect, the vans become links to a little catalog of the company s services on the Web.

Some people will remember the URL they ve seen on the side of the truck and may go to the site rather than look in the Yellow Pages. Such a business card site isn t intended to attract visitors or do much more than provide a way for someone who s seen the URL to find the company s phone number, mailing address, information about services, perhaps a map showing where to find the company and so on. Most people who see the URL won t visit the site, but a small Web site can be so cheap that it can still be affordable and worth using to catch the few who will.

That s one of the nice things about the Web you can experiment at a very low cost.. Part 3 Getting Things Done How Cheap Web sites can be v Code128 for .NET ery affordable, especially if you re willing to do the work yourself. Here s a quick breakdown of costs for a very basic business-card Web site: Domain name registration Web site hosting Good HTML authoring program Your time Let s have a quick look at these items.

50 for two years 50 to 500 per year 25 to 75, or perhaps free . Domain Name Registration To do any business VS .NET Code 128B Web site properly, you need your own domain name. That s the first part of a Web site.

For instance, I have the domain name, so my Web-site domain is or http://www. Your own domain name sounds better, more professional, and it s generally shorter and easier for your visitors to remember.

If you move the Web site from one host to another, you can keep the domain name. It s also easier to get your own domain name registered on Yahoo!, the most important search system on the Web (it has a bias against Web sites that are subdomains of other domain names, such as http://www. bigbiz.

com/PoorRichard). Registering a .co.

uk domain name can cost as little as 3 for the first two years if you shop around, with .com/.net/.

info/.biz names available for around 20 for the same period (you can register these for more than two years at the outset if you want to). At the time of writing, one of the cheapest and most flexible domain registrations companies is 123-Reg (http://www., but there s a lot of competition in this area so you may still find a better price elsewhere.

So the cost of your domain name should be between about 12p and 85p a month..
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