The DomU-related subcommands are all about the Xen guest domain"s status. in .NET Integrate Quick Response Code in .NET The DomU-related subcommands are all about the Xen guest domain"s status.

The DomU-related subcommands are all about the Xen guest domain"s status. generate, create quick response code none with .net projects .NET Framework Table B.5. VS .

NET qr-codes Network-Related Subcommands[*] Subcommand xm network-list [options] <domain> --long/-l xm network-attach <domain> [--script=<script>] [-ip=<ip>] [--mac=<mac>] xm network-detach <domain> <devID> [options] --force/-f Options Description Display the information of network interfaces in the guest domain. Display the information in the SXP format. Add a specific network interface to the guest domain Remove a specific network interface from the guest domain Enforce to remove a specific network interface.

. The networ k related subcommands are all about dynamically operating on virtual network interfaces in the guest domain.. Table B.6. Resource Management-Related Subcommands Subcommand Options Description Subcommand xm mem-max <domain> <memory value> xm mem-set <domain> <memory value> xm sched-credit -d <domain> [options]. Options Descriptio n Set the domain"s maximum memory usage. Dynamically set the current domain"s memory usage. Set the weight or upper limit of CPU usage for a domain.

. --domain=g Visual Studio .NET qr bidimensional barcode uest domain/-d domain --weight=integer value/-w integer value --cap=integer value/-c integer value xm sched-sedf <domain> [options] --period=ms/-p ms --slice=ms/-s ms --latency=ms/-l ms. Specify th e domain to set the CPU usage parameter. Specify the weight value of a guest domain"s CPU usage. Specify the upper limit of a guest domain that can use CPU.

. Set the SE QR Code ISO/IEC18004 for .NET DF scheduler parameters for a domain. Set the accounting period of a domain.

Set the maximum time slice for a domain. Set the latency limit to support I/O intensive and real-time cases..

--extra=fl ag/-e flag Set the flag so that overrun of a domain will be allowed. --weight=float value Another way of setting --period or --slice. -w float value xm vcpu-list [domain] xm vcpu-pin <domain> <vcpu> <cpus> xm vcpu-set <domain> <vcpus> Display the VCPU assignment for each domain.

Set a CPU set for a VCPU of a specific domain. Set the VCPU set for a domain..

Table B.7. Security-Related Subcommands Subcommand Options Description Subcommand xm labels [policy] [type=dom res any] xm addlabel <label> [dom <configuration file> res <resource>] <policy> xm getlabel <dom <configuration file> res <resource>> xm rmlabel <dom <configuration file> res <re .net framework qr barcode source>> xm makepolicy <policy> xm loadpolicy <policy binary file> xm cfgbootpolicy <policy> [kernel version] xm dumppolicy xm resources. Options De scription Display the labels of a specified type and policy. Either add a label by a domain"s configuration file or a global resource label file with the specified policy. Display the label by a domain or resource.

Remove a label from the domain"s configuration file or a global resource label file. Set a new policy and create a policy file .bin or .

map. Load a policy binary file into the running hypervisor. Configure to boot with a specified policy by adding module option in the Xen grub.

conf. Display the current policy information from the hypervisor. Display each resource label information from the global resource label file.

. Table B.8. .

net framework qr-codes Vnet-Related Subcommands Subcommand xm vnet-list [options] --long/-l xm vnet-create <vnet configuration file> xm vnet-delete <vnetID> Options Description List the current virtual network. Display the Vnet in the SXP format. Create the Vnet by the Vnet configuration file.

Delete a Vnet from the current running Vnet list.. Table B.9. Xend-Related Subcommands Subcommand xm log xm dmesg [options] --clear/-c Options Description Display the xend log file.

Display the xend bootup message. Clear the message buffer after dmesging..

Subcommand xm info xm serve Options Description Display the Xen system information. Invoke remote XMLPRC over ssh. The xm sub commands are listed by category, and each subcommand"s options are listed alphabetically. When looking up some related topic, it is better to search by category; while if looking up some specific command, searching alphabetically is a better choice. For more details on the xm command, see the xm main page.

. Appendix C. Xend Configuration Parameter xend is Xe n"s control daemon. It is responsible for domain related tasks, such as creation, shutdown, and migration of domains. The xend configuration file is used to specify the behavior of xend.

In Tables C.1 through C.5, the notation ".

.." is used to represent what the user needs to fill in.

The appropriate value or the corresponding script is provided in the Default Value column..
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