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D B A C F E G use .net 39 barcode creator touse ansi/aim code 39 in .net barcode Fig. 12.2 Hairy dependencies. Gutmans_ch12 Page 426 Thursday, September 23, 2004 2:53 PM Building PEAR Components Chap. 12 In Figure 1 Visual Studio .NET 3 of 9 2.2, the boxes are packages, and the arrows are dependencies between them.

A depends on B and C, and so on. As we can see, the B dependency adds four dependencies in practice: B, D, E, and G, while the C dependency adds two: C and F. It may be worth looking at whether the B dependency is strictly necessary, because it causes so many extra dependencies.

12.8.5 Optional Dependencies Use optional dependencies (<dep optional="yes" .

..> in package.

xml) for packages or extensions that would add functionality to your package without being absolutely required. For example, if you have a le-handling package, you could use an optional dependency to the zlib extension and handle .gz les only if the zlib extension is available.

12.8.6 Some Examples This example shows a package.

xml snippet with dependency de nitions taken from the DB package:. <deps> ; <dep type="php" rel="ge" version="4.2.0" /> <dep type="pkg" rel="ge" version="1.

0b1">PEAR</dep> </deps>. DB requires barcode 3 of 9 for .NET PHP 4.2.

0 or newer, as well as release 1.0b1 or newer of the PEAR package. Here is a an example demonstrating optional dependencies:.

<deps> ; <dep type="php" rel="ge" version="5.0.0" /> <dep type="pkg" optional="yes">Cache_Lite</dep> <dep type="ext">zlib</dep> </deps>.

This packag Code-39 for .NET e requires PHP 5.0.

0 or newer with zlib loaded, and offers extra features if the Cache_Lite package is installed.. Gutmans_ch12 Page 427 Thursday, September 23, 2004 2:53 PM 12.9 String Substitutions 12.9 STRING SUBSTITUTIONS It is possi Code 39 Extended for .NET ble to set up replacements, or substitutions, that are performed on les when installed. This is useful to keep default path names and other con guration data in sync with the user s PEAR con guration, to invoke PHP with the right PATH, and more.

12.9.1 Element: <replace> (required) (required) type (required) May occur in: file (optional) The replace element speci es a substitution that is performed for the containing le during installation.

All occurrences of the from attribute in the le are replaced with a string represented by the to and type attributes. The type attribute may have one of these values:. from to Element name: Attributes:. replace php-const Code 39 for .NET . from is replaced by the value of the PHP constant named by to.

pear-config. from is replaced by the PEAR con guration parameter. named by to . package-info. from is replaced by the to eld from the package s con guration.

Usually, the from pattern is of the form @foo@ , but in theory, you can replace anything because what is being done by the installer is a straightforward str_replace(). 12.9.

2 Examples A typical use for string substitutions is setting up the PEAR install directory and PHP executable path in command-line PHP scripts. Consider this script:. #!@php_bin@ < php print "Hello!\n"; > Because the PHP executable may be installed in different locations on different machines, the PEAR installer has a con guration parameter for which PHP executable should be used (php_bin). By setting up a pear-config substitution in the package.xml le, we can insert the right path to the PHP executable during installation:.

<file ro .net framework Code39 le="script" name="myscript"> <replace type="pear-config" from="@php_bin@" to="php_bin"/> </file>. Gutmans_ch12 Page 428 Thursday, September 23, 2004 2:53 PM Building PEAR Components Chap. 12 12.10 INCLUDING C CODE A PEAR pack age may include C or C++ code as well as PHP code. The PEAR Installer will run the extension build process if there are one or more les with the role=src. 12.

10.1 Element: <configureoptions> Element name: configureoptions Attributes: none May occur in: release (optional) This is a wrapper element for one or more <configureoption> elements. 12.

10.2 Element: <configureoption> Element name: Attributes:. configureop VS .NET 39 barcode tion name (required) default (optional) prompt (required) configureoptions (required). May occur i n: This element is for collecting build parameters on UNIX when building extension binaries. Typically, each extension has one or more con gure options that may be speci ed here. 12.

10.2.1 name Attribute The configureoption name attribute corresponds to the name of the con gure option, without any dashes in front.

For example, if the name attribute is with-foobar, it is passed on to con gure as --with-fobar. 12.10.

2.2 default Attribute This attribute is used only as a brief description of the default behavior, when the --name option is used without a parameter (with a parameter, it would be --name=param). 12.

10.2.3 prompt Attribute This attribute contains a prompt that is displayed during install.

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