Dedicated Internet Access in .NET Integrating Quick Response Code in .NET Dedicated Internet Access

12.13 Dedicated Internet Access generate, create qr code jis x 0510 none with .net projects Oracle Reports Service Bridging the VS .NET QR Code digital divide is often a stated goal for Municipal Networks. Another common goal is to create economic growth and development by serving the underserved SMB market.

The municipalities are looking to ensure the every resident can be reached by a broadband connection and that additional competition lowers the cost of broadband services. At the same time, MSOs, telcos, and wireless ISPs have the obvious goal of expanding their customer bases. In many cases, municipalities will find ways to work with these service providers to encourage Municipal Wireless networks to achieve these goals.

Providing Internet Access to this market is simple; making it work effectively is the challenge. One of the fundamental roadblocks to bridging and serving is overcoming the fact that small businesses do not have an IT department. In many cases, they are struggling to keep their computers running either standalone or with dialup Internet access.

Having an always-on broadband Internet connection requires a different level of IT support. The challenges that a small business therefore would include: Setting up the router and firewalls; Creating a LAN, wiring the location;. Service Provisioning for Wireless Mesh Networks 277 Keeping the P .NET Denso QR Bar Code C operating system up to date; Keeping application software up to date; Maintaining a security environment for antivirus and spyware..

SMBs also nee d to be compliant with legal issues relative to web sites visited, specifically, they need to keep employees working as opposed to web surfing. All of these issues have to be accomplished without hiring an IT department. Network operators can simplify all of these challenges by offering a firewall and wireless LAN as options for their services.

These options could be offered either as a resale or as part of the monthly service fee thereby allowing for quick access to the network. Since the network operators would choose the equipment and recommend a default configuration, it is likely that this would cut down on expensive calls to the customer support center. In addition, offering network-based antivirus services in addition to URL Web filtering can provide many of the IT functions that these small businesses require.

The Juniper Networks NetScreen-5GT provides all the security functions of larger firewalls for a small office. Additionally, it can provide a wireless LAN inside the building. This approach eliminates the SMB from having to worry about running cables and minimizes the overall number of devices requiring monitoring.

. Figure 12.11: Dedicated Internet Access Network Diagram. The Juniper N etworks NetScreen-5GT can be run with a service for antivirus protection so that the SMB does not have to be concerned with learning the nuance of viruses. The NetScreen-5GT can perform URL filtering and Deep Packet Inspections (discussed previously). In addition, the NetScreen-5GT Wireless can provide embedded antivirus protection that complements the user s desktop antivirus software.

Further, network operators can use the IDP/SDX threat mitigation solution to send the user to a remediation portal to recommend upgrades to antivirus software, operating system software, and other steps to ensure a positive experience for the end user.. 278 Service Provisioning for Wireless Mesh Networks 12.14 Advanced Network Services Network opera .NET QR Code JIS X 0510 tors will want to introduce new, advanced services after their initial deployment. In addition, they will want to up sell what they have.

The use of a branded captive portal can serve both purposes. In the case of a new service offering, users can be directed to a portal to ensure they are aware of the service. The network can be setup to direct users each time they access the network or only after a new service is introduced.

As shown in Figure 12.12, Juniper Networks SDX/captive portal process also can help in upselling to a customer. For example, users may have contracted for a 512 Kb/sec rate with a cap of 4 Gb/month.

When the total of 4 Gb/month is reached, they are rate limited to 64 kb/sec. This is an opportunity to send them to a captive portal to inform them about their current restriction and to sell them a larger per month limit. This mechanism is in use in many DSL networks throughout the world.

Also depicted in Figure 12.12, the Juniper Networks SDX and E-Series combination provides the rate limiting functions and can extend to the Wireless EMS. The branded portal can be pushed from the SDX.

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