Creating and Administering Community Websites in .NET Display Code 39 Full ASCII in .NET Creating and Administering Community Websites

Creating and Administering Community Websites using barcode implement for .net control to generate, create 3 of 9 image in .net applications. Scan GS1 BarCodes Use the Web Services tab to .net framework 39 barcode import data from the registered remote service into the newly created section..

We"ll see an example using t his process later when we talk about the Edit Service Subscriptions page.. Advanced The Advanced tab contains a variety of options that you can set for the community section. HTML Content establishes the work mode for the HTML Editor control when using it to edit or add content in the section b eing edited. You can set different options for content or content comments. The three HTML support modes are None, Limited, and Full; you learned about the HTML Editor control in 2.

. Records Per Page allows you restrict the number of records to display per page when viewing the section. The default is 10:. The Comments dialog box lets .net framework Code 3 of 9 you specify whether you want to enable comments for the section and the roles that are allowed to post comments. Usually, the Community-Authenticated role is allowed to post comments when comments are enabled:.

By its nature, the CSK categ orizes content by the content type (Articles, Books, and so on). The Topics box lets you enable categorization of content across multiple sections by topic even if the sections are of different types. This way, members of your community will be able to browse content by topic.

. 3 . When topics are enabled for a section, users must specify a topic whenever they add content to that section. The list of topics can be set from Community Administration Menu . Edit Topics (we"ll discuss Code 39 for .NET this page later). From here, you can also enable or disable the topic menu for the community.

The topic menu contains links to the active topics in a community and allows easy browsing for community content based on topic. Topics that have just been declared but aren"t used don"t appear in the topic menu. By default, the Lunar .

NET community contains two topics: Politics and Internet. However, these topics are not used by default in any content. In the following screenshot, you can see the topic menu and two articles that belong to the Politics and Internet topics:.

Creating and Administering Community Websites Here are a few things to kee .NET Code 3/9 p in mind about the topic menu: It is refreshed every ten minutes. If you use a new topic when adding content, you"ll need to wait ten minutes before it appears in the topic menu.

It contains the topics that were used in the most recent 50 content items added to the database. Topics that were used more recently are listed first in the topic menu. When a topic link is clicked, a page that contains all content belonging to that topic is displayed.

The list of available topics can be edited at Community Administration Menu . Edit Topics. Email Notifications contains Code-39 for .NET a checkbox that enables or disables e-mail notifications for the section. When this option is enabled, registered users who chose to receive e-mail notifications in their profile will see the Notify me when a new item is added checkbox when opening a content section.

The notification message itself can be edited from Community Administration Menu . Edit Messages. Moderation allows you to enable or disable moderation for the website section and choose the roles that can act as modera tors. When moderation is enabled, new content is not displayed until it has been approved by a moderator. By default, every CSK community has a system role named Community-Moderators that can be used for moderation.

Please review 2 for more details.. When adding content to a mod Code 3/9 for .NET erated section, the user is notified that their message will not appear straight away. The message they receive can be configured from Community Administration Menu .

Edit Messages, and by defau lt is This section is moderated. Please allow 24 hours for your content to appear. A user assigned one of the selected roles will see the Moderate link that that appears at the bottom of a moderated community section.

This link is altered depending on the section being browsed. It"s called Moderate Articles for the Articles (Mission) section, Moderate Books for the Books section, and so on. The following screenshot shows the Moderate Events link:.

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