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Download at WoweBook.Com use none none integration tomake none with none GS1 Barcode Types SOA and Its Evolution Summary. SOA is a software d none none esign paradigm based on the principle of loose coupling. The basic building elements of SOA are services that provide access to and processing of business logic and data. XML and Web Services have become a popular choice for implementing SOA-based solutions.

SOA has been receiving a lot of attention in recent years due to its potential for reducing a variety of IT costs as well as for increasing business agility. SCA specifications have emerged as a suitable discipline for creating highly productive SOA development environments. Oracle SOA Suite 11g, which you will be working with in rest of this book, leverages SCA heavily to provide a unified service platform for creation, deployment, testing, management, and monitoring of SOA-based composite business applications.

. [ 20 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Product Architecture SOA technologies ha none none ve significantly matured over the past few years and there are a number of very capable SOA offerings on the market today. Many could argue that the critical factor to successful SOA projects is now mostly the methodology and execution rather than software. While that is true to a large extent, a capable and flexible SOA software stack that can meet your methodology requirements is a key element to success.

. Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Release drivers SOA infrastructure none for none tools usually fall into one of two main groups: 1. Former Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI) tools that have morphed into SOA infrastructure 2. Collections of best-of-breed individual components This lineage translates into very significant architectural differences.

EAI tools typically offer "all-in-one" cohesive solutions but they come at the cost of flexibility and footprint. Best-of-breed components typically excel at their primary task, but assembling the right combination of tools to meet your end-to-end requirements can be a daunting task, sometimes dubbed as the challenge of "integrating your integration". It is the idea of combining the best of both worlds that is behind the architectural changes in Oracle SOA Suite 11g: combine the simplicity of a black-box all-in-one integration tool with the power and flexibility of a modular best-of-breed suite.

. Challenges solved by Oracle SOA Suite 11g Let"s have a look a none none t the key product architectural aspects of Oracle SOA Suite 11g and what type of problems they help solve.. Download at WoweBook.Com Product Architecture Simplifying the design-time environment The evolution and r none for none efinement of highly specialized SOA tools has led to very capable products. However, this has also introduced a new challenge: the ability for a single developer to master all the individual design-time environments and keep track of their different requirements in terms of methodology and life cycle. In its 11g release, Oracle SOA Suite 11g is taking control of this proliferation of technologies.

. Composite Editor to assemble heterogeneous technologies A typical SOA devel none for none opment environment requires the developer to learn different tools and switch contexts and development environments frequently. Let"s take a typical example of an SOA application used to process purchase orders:. Accept Purchase Order Web-Services binding Route to fulfillment process Routing component B usiness process orchestration engine Human workflow engine Business rules engine . Orchestrate fulfillment process Request human appro val Apply business rules to determine next step Write order to file for further processing. File adapter Using best-of-breed discrete tools for each task is the right thing to do as it preserves the flexibility that is key to SOA and ensures that the developer has the right tool for each task. However, in the simple example depicted above, this would also mean working with a handful of development tools: an ESB editor for routing and connectivity, a BPEL editor for orchestration, a human workflow tool to involve people, and a business rules engine to externalize certain decision logic. This is a lot for a single person to master!.

[ 22 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com 2 . In Oracle SOA Suite 11g, all design tasks are performed in a single environment: JDeveloper. JDeveloper is Oracle"s primary Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and provides all the required tools for creating composite applications. The consolidation to JDeveloper of formerly standalone best-of-breed design tools started with the 10g release but was extended in 11g to some of the more recent SOA Suite additions such as Business Rules and Web Services Manager.

More significantly, the 11g release introduces the SOA Composite Editor that lets you assemble, in a drag-and-drop fashion, a variety of components and technologies that eventually make up your composite application. This new editor is used extensively throughout our tutorial later in the book. It is worth mentioning that the composite editor leverages an emerging set of standards called Service Component Architecture (SCA) you can further explore this by looking at the underlying XML composite descriptors that the environment generates.

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