Figure 10.8: The licensing mode for a terminal server installed in SBS 2003 in .NET Incoporate Data Matrix barcode in .NET Figure 10.8: The licensing mode for a terminal server installed in SBS 2003

10. using none toinclude none for web,windows application QR Code Spevcification Figure 10.8: The licensing mode for a terminal server installed in SBS 2003 When you open Control Panel/Software/Add/Remove Windows Components, the terminal server will not be displayed as a Windows Component as is the case in all versions of Windows Server 2003. The reason for this is that in the SBS 2003 environment the Remote Desktop is only available in administration mode. This is a security mechanism, as SBS 2003 is basically implemented on a domain controller, and only the administration mode (not the application mode) is available on domain controllers.

To implement the terminal server in an SBS 2003 Network not just in the administration mode but also in the application mode, you must install an additional Windows Server 2003, as described earlier in this chapter, and configure it as a terminal server. Also, you cannot update a Windows Server 2000 or SBS 2000 to SBS 2003, if the terminal server is installed on it in the application mode. If, however, you carry out the installation directly from the Winnt32.

exe file from the \i386 directory of SBS 2003 CD1, you will not receive any warnings regarding the terminal server application server mode. Instead, the Remote Desktop will be configured for the administration mode of the terminal server without any further notification..

Business Contact Manager 2003 Business Conta ct Manager (BCM) is an add-on for Outlook 2003; you can install it for effective customer management. The BCM features the central management of business contacts, sales information, sales records, and their respective reports in an Outlook 2003 environment. This product is specially designed for small companies having a maximum of 25 employees and is therefore ideal for the SBS 2003 domain.

The BCM can also be installed as an add-on for the Outlook 2003 included with SBS 2003. The BCM can also be synchronized with other Office 2003 products and is guaranteed to work in a problemfree and flexible manner with, for example, Excel or Word 2003..

Features of BCM 2003 The advantage of integrating BCM with Outlook 2003 is that you can carry out new tasks in an environment already known to you. Thus no training period to learn how to use a completely new piece of software effectively is required. BCM helps companies, staff members, and sales personnel to keep track of, maintain, and manage company-related contact and sales data; it also provides help for the closing of new sales possibilities.

The following list discusses the features of BCM in detail: The data created in Office 2003 is added to the corresponding contacts in BCM so that it can be traced quickly. The Office data in an Outlook 2003 environment can be opened and viewed with BCM. Sales-related and customer-related reports can be exported to Excel or Word 2003.

Data, for example the price list and the customer list, can be imported from Excel.. Business Contact Manager 2003 It is possible to send documents to multiple recipients simultaneously from Word 2003 and Publisher 2003. Word 2003 and Publisher 2003 feature a multitude of templates for the dispatch of newsletters. Follow the success of these publicity measures.

Faxes and other scanned documents can be added to customer information. The sorting and organizational options can be individually customized for the existing data in Outlook 2003. You can get statistics such as the sales status, the achievable profit, for all processes.

Via the activity protocol you can have a quick overview of all the activities related to a specific customer, contact, or sale. This also makes the maintenance of the related information easier. You can create reports with extensive filter functions; for example, you can look up contacts with whom no communication was made in the last quarter or sales prospects for the following quarter.

You can also select the information to be displayed to get a quick overview of the most important points..
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