Disabling Socket Pooling in .NET Print ECC200 in .NET Disabling Socket Pooling

6. using barcode drawer for .net framework control to generate, create 2d data matrix barcode image in .net framework applications. Microsoft Excel 8. To test serv VS .NET Data Matrix barcode er access, enter the address http://URL/exchange in a browser.

Replace URL with the address you entered in the Destination field while setting up the destination set (step 3 in the previous procedure). If OWA is used over SSL connections (Secure Sockets Layer), first create a new server publication rule that uses the HTTPS server protocol definition. Then enter the internal OWA server and the external address of the ISA Server.

The OWA server must use the ISA Server as its default gateway. To host OWA on the ISA Server, socket pooling must be disabled on it. Socket pooling is by default enabled in IIS 5.

0 and later, forcing IIS to listen to all IP addresses on port 80. To disable socket pooling, take the steps described in the section that follows. After socket pooling is disabled, the OWA site can be configured to process HTTP requests on the internal interface.

The following steps are required for this: 1. Open the IIS MMC. Select Properties from the context menu of the website that hosts the OWA site.

2. Select the internal IP address of the ISA Server from the list of IP addresses. Then specify the port that the OWA site should listen on.

The default here is port 80. This step is necessary because IIS and ISA Server run on the same server under SBS. 3.

Furthermore, the automatic search feature should not be enabled on the ISA Server when port 80 is used to respond to requests. To disable this, open the ISA MMC and select Properties from the context menu of the server. Switch to the Automatic Search tab and disable the Publish automatic search information checkbox.

Set up a web listener, a destination set, and a web publication rule as described earlier.. Disabling Socket Pooling If socket pooli .net framework Data Matrix barcode ng is enabled (which is the default situation in IIS 5.0 and later), IIS listens to all IP addresses.

In a situation where a domain has multiple networks, socket pooling can sometimes become a security risk: 1. At the command prompt change directory to \Inetpub\Adminscripts. 2.

Enter the following command:. cscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/disablesocketpooling true You should get gs1 datamatrix barcode for .NET the following output:. disablesocketpooling : (BOOLEAN) True 3. Stop and res Data Matrix barcode for .NET tart the IIS administration service.

The web publishing service must be restarted as well.. Internet Securi ty and Acceleration Server 2000 (ISA). Publishing the http://Companyweb Folder This section de scribes the publication of the internal website http://Companyweb when the ISA Server is deployed. The aim should be to allow external clients to access this site by entering the address https://FQDN of the SBS 2003:444 or alternatively the address https://FQDN of SBS 2003/remote via the Remote Workplace feature. Before publishing the company website, you should create a protocol definition and a server publication rule.

You must also add a certificate to the company website. You finally need to make some registry changes for the Remote Workplace so that it can also be accessed from the Internet..

Creating a New Protocol Definition To create a new protocol definition on ISA Server 2000, take the following steps: 1. Open Start Menu/Programs/Microsoft ISA Server/ISA Administration. 2.

Expand Policy Elements and select New followed by Definition from the context menu of Protocol Definitions. 3. On the wizard"s welcome page, enter a name for the protocol definition (say Companyweb 444) and click Next.

4. In the Primary Connection Information dialog, enter the value 444 under Port Number. The protocol type must be TCP.

Select Inbound from the Direction list and click Next. 5. In the Secondary Connections check No under Do you want to use secondary connections and click Finish.

. Publishing the Company Web To publish the company web via ISA Server, take the following steps: 1. Open Start Menu/Programs/Microsoft ISA Server/ISA Administration. 2.

Expand Publishing and select New and Rule from the context menu of Server Publication Rules. 3. Give a name for the new rule (for example Companyweb) and click Next.

4. Under IP Address of the internal server enter the internal network address of the SBS 2003. Then under External IP address of the ISA Server enter the IP address for the network device that makes the external connection.

The external address should always be a static IP address. Otherwise you will have to change the publication role each time a dynamically assigned address changes. Then click Next.

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