Challenge to implementation partners and customers in Software Implementation pdf417 in Software Challenge to implementation partners and customers

7. generate, create pdf417 none for software projects Recommended GS1 barcodes for mobile apps Competitive pract barcode pdf417 for None ice level This is an area where the customer does work efficiently and also performs the correct work in order to maximize business value. However, this may also be the area where we experience the most gaps with the packaged software. It is at this point where your relationship with IT, Implementation Partners, and the packaged software provider could have a significant impact on the customer"s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

IT, Implementation Partners, and the packaged software provider also have a great opportunity to generate tremendous business value, as well as create competitive advantage for themselves. Having a "Partner-Partner" relationship will generate opportunities, shared efforts, and reduced Total Cost of Ownership. Having a "Customer-Vendor" relationship will generate competing agendas, frustrations, missed opportunities, and higher Total Cost of Ownership.

. Challenge to implementation partners and customers Do customers need Software PDF 417 revenue-generating business processes operating at a competitive level I believe that we would all agree that the answer is yes. Do customers need revenue-supporting business processes operating at a competitive level In theory, the majority of us would say no; however, the reality is that conflict will arise between what is best for the entire organization versus what is best for a functional area. Customers that are organized into functional units will naturally look for new functionality and define new requirements to improve their functional performance.

Too often, I have seen customers make significant software changes to packaged software in order to support a competitive or "world class" maturity level for revenue supporting business processes. These decisions have resulted in software that is not adaptable, and that costs more to maintain than the legacy system it replaced. Implementation partners need to guide their customers to ensure that there is alignment between business user expectations and the executives" expectations on using packaged software This alignment must be continually communicated and demonstrated throughout the packaged software implementation.

. [ 131 ]. Implement to the Current Business Maturity Level Not every busines s process should mature to a competitive level. In theory, one should see strategic business processes become Competitive, while supporting business processes operate at a Best Practice level. Practically speaking, it is very challenging to be the best at everything because our focus will be diluted.

To be a true business solution advisor, we must understand what makes your customer successful, and then make an investment to help your customer be successful. This will require the implementation partner to understand what business activities of a revenue-supporting business process add value to the external customer, as well as what business activities may not have a significant impact on the external customer. It is impossible for the implementation partner to evaluate and challenge business requirements if the implementation partner does not understand the business.

It is very important that customers select an implementation partner who have a competent level of knowledge in both the packaged software and the underlying business model. I have witnessed, on many occasions, consultants with packaged software knowledge inappropriately using packaged software to support a business process. This was due to the lack of business process knowledge and understanding.

This misuse resulted in a business solution that was inflexible and costly. For some instances the only way to correct the issue was a reimplementation. Finding an implementation partner with competent experience in both the packaged software and underlying business model may cost more, but given the possible risk defined above, I believe that it"s worth the cost; there are other ways to save money on packaged software implementations.

Now we will discuss three broad categories of business processes and how to approach requirements gathering for each category.. [ 132 ]. 7 . Three broad categories of business processes I simply look at business processes in terms of generating revenue the life source for a company. Business processes generate revenue, support revenue generation, or are mandated by a legal entity or institution..

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