2: Modeling IT Infrastructure Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 11gR1 in Java Build PDF 417 in Java 2: Modeling IT Infrastructure Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 11gR1

2: Modeling IT Infrastructure Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 11gR1 generate, create pdf417 none on java projects Microsoft Office Word Website Oracle Enterprise Man barcode pdf417 for Java ager concepts Flavors of Oracle Enterprise Manager OEM Database Control OEM application server and Fusion Middleware Control OEM Grid Control (GC) OEM Grid Control 11gR1 architecture Oracle management agent Oracle Management Service (OMS) and console. Local monitoring Remote monitoring Information Technology Infrastructure Library guidelines Summary System-based service model Synthetic transaction-based service model 26 28. 34 36 38 39 40 43 45 47. 46 46. Table of Contents Target modeling Targe pdf417 2d barcode for Java t discovery Agent-monitored and repository targets Availability management Performance management Alerts Target home page Passive and active monitoring Composite targets Group targets System targets Service targets Product and management focus areas in OEM 11gR1 Summary Groups modeling with OEM Grid Control Types of groups in OEM Grid Control Creating groups in OEM Grid Control. Normal group Privileg e propagating group Redundancy group Integrator defined group types Group types and availability management Service-level management. 47 50 50 52 54 55 56 barcode pdf417 for Java 57 58 60 61 62 66 67. 3: Modeling Groups and Systems 69 71 72. 71 72 73 78 80 83 86 87 89. Monitoring and managing group targets Group home page Redundancy group home page Group monitoring Group management Systems modeling with Java PDF417 OEM Grid Control Types of system targets in OEM Grid Control Creating system targets in OEM Grid Control Monitoring and managing system targets. System home page Syst em charts System administration System components System topology Creating a system target flow System targets and availability management. 91 93 94 101. 93 94. Summary. 102 103 104 104 104. [ ii ]. Table of Contents 4: Modeling Services Service modeling with OEM Grid Control Introduction to services Business services as targets in OEM Grid Control Business service availability management. Introduction to servi applet PDF-417 2d barcode ce availability Availability based on system Availability based on service test Passive and active monitoring. 109 110 110 114. 111 114 115 117. Service targets suppo rted in OEM Grid Control Web application Forms application Generic service Aggregate service Out of box custom services Creating services based on a system target Creating generic services based on a system. Create generic servic pdf417 for Java e: General step Create generic service: Availability step Create generic service: Performance metrics step Create generic service: Usage metrics step Create generic service: Review step. 120 121 122 123 123 1 24 124 124. Creating services Using command-line scripts Monitoring services All services page Status column Performance alerts Usage alerts System details Key tests Monitoring beacons 132 134 134. 126 129 130 131 132. Generic service home page Service charts tab System tab Topology tab Service blackouts General section Key c barcode pdf417 for Java omponent summary region All service alerts region Performance and usage region Key test summary region. 135 135 136 137 137 1 38 139 141 142 143 143. Availability status history Creating a service blackout 144 145 146 147 152. [ iii ]. Table of Contents Editing services Syst em configuration Availability definition Root cause analysis Configuration Service failure: Diagnostics using root cause analysis Summary. Automatic root cause analysis Manual root cause analysis 154 157 159 160 161 165 168. 165 168. 5: Service Modeling Using Synthetic Transactions Active monitoring wit pdf417 for Java h OEM Grid Control Introduction to active monitoring Beacons Service tests Licensing information Creating services based on service tests Creating Generic Service based on host ping test. Creating Generic Serv ice: General step Creating Generic Service: Availability step Creating Generic Service: Service test step Creating Generic Service: Beacons step Creating Generic Service: Performance metrics step Creating Generic Service: Usage metrics step Creating Generic Service: Review step. 170 170 171 174 178 179 179. Creating services bas ed on command-line scripts emcli create_service verb Prominent service test types Host ping service test type FTP service test type HTTP ping service test type LDAP service test type Web service (SOAP/REST) service test type Other test types Advanced service test type: Web transaction Web transaction recording Steps and step groups Web transaction playback options Debugging issues related to web transactions Monitoring services based on service tests All Service page Generic Service home page. [ iv ] Custom script test type 190 191 192 194 195 1 97 199 200 202 204 204 206 207 208 208 209 209. 180 182 182 184 188 189 190. Table of Contents Test Performance tab PDF-417 2d barcode for Java Monitoring all service tests and all beacons Monitoring a single service test: Test home page Configuring metric thresholds and collection frequency for service test metrics Past changes and pending changes Monitoring beacon Targets Beacon home page Beacon monitored targets Watch Lists. Host ping using netwo rk watch list HTTP ping using URL watch list Ad hoc execution using the Test option.
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