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Logs displays the Administration generate, create barcode data matrix none for .net projects Microsoft Office Excel Website Logs page, where you select the information you want to extract from the site logs. Your choices are the same no matter what course you are in. You can display logs for the site, a selected course, a group, a student, a date, an activity, or any combination of these.

. Files enab Data Matrix ECC200 for .NET les teachers and course creators to upload files to the course area. These files can then be linked to and used in the course.

Course files can be seen by anyone enrolled in the course. When viewing the site"s Front Page, this link is labeled Site files. Site files can be seen by any site user.

. Creating Categories and Courses The Teache Data Matrix for .NET r forum is open only to those who have been assigned as teachers in this course. Only teachers, course creators, and site administrators can see the Administration block.

It is hidden from students. For that reason, there is very little disadvantage to having this block displayed. It appears on the Front Page and each course"s Home Page by default.

Consider keeping it unless you have a specific, compelling reason to hide it. When this block appears on the site"s Front Page, an Admin link appears at the bottom of the block. Clicking this takes the user to an Administration page with choices that apply to the entire site:.

3 . The option barcode data matrix for .NET s for site-wide administration are covered in other sections of this book. Look in the contents or index to locate more information about each of them.

. Calendar Workshops, barcode data matrix for .NET assignments, quizzes, and events appear on the Calendar:. In the scr eenshot given, you can see that the user is pointing to an event that begins on the 20th. A pop-up window shows the name of the event (it is obscuring the first two rows of dates, which is common behavior for this block). This quiz was added to the Front Page, so it is a site-wide event.

When the course creator or administrator clicks on one of the four links at the bottom of the Calendar, it disables the display of that type of event. For example, if this Calendar is displayed on a course"s Home Page, you might want to disable the display of global events and user events by clicking those links. This would result in the Calendar displaying only events for the course and the groups in the course.

. Course Summary The Course Summary block displays the course summary from the course"s Settings page. This is the same course summary that is displayed when someone clicks the icon in the course listing, as shown overleaf. You can see the pop-up window that displays the course summary, and the course listing behind the popup.

In this situation, the student has not yet entered the course, but instead is looking at the list of courses.. Creating Categories and Courses To enter a course, a student need only click the course name. A student might enter a course without clicking the icon. In that case, the student proceeds to the course"s Home Page, without reading a course summary first.

Displaying the Course Summary block on the course"s Home Page gives the student another chance to see the course summary before proceeding with the course. In our sample course, it looks like this..

3 . You could copy the course summary into Topic 0, so that it is the first item the students see. Then, the Course Summary block becomes redundant and you can use that space for something else, as I"ve done here:. Courses The Course s block displays links to the course categories. Clicking a link takes the student to the list of courses..

This is us .net framework ECC200 eful if you want to enable students to move from course to course quickly, or want to encourage visitors to explore the site. However, you must balance this flexibility against using the space that the block occupies.

Browser space is always precious. If you expect students to enter the course and stay there, then you may want to forego displaying this block. Instead, just display the list of courses on the Front Page.

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