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Download at Boykma.Com generate, create gtin-13 none in .net projects Planet 7 . Run the script s everal times to test the code to observe the teller"s response. Remember, we previously built this script to provide a different answer on every fifth question, which means our new code will not always run..

What just happened Using the join b lock, we combined a constant phrase with the phrase contained in the your_fortune block, a variable. We could have achieved the same results with say blocks, but we would have needed to use two say blocks to accomplish the same thing. Also, the join block gave the script a different tempo than what we would have been able to achieve using multiple say blocks.

. Nest join blocks Like many other blocks in Scratch, we can nest multiple join blocks. This allows us to join multiple text phrases to form complex thoughts and paragraphs, as the following screenshot demonstrates..

[ 1 ]. Download at Boykma.Com Games of Fortune Additional string operations In addition to t GTIN-13 for .NET he join block, we can also manipulate text using the letter of and length of Operator blocks. The letter of block identifies the specified position in the supplied text phrase.

The length of block, reports the number of characters in a phrase. Consider the following screen shot, which is a help screen from Scratch..

We can also use the comparison blocks, (>, <, and =) to evaluate one string against another. Consider the following screen shot..

The code in the VS .NET GTIN-13 screen shot checks to see if the keyboard input in the answer block, matches any of the items in the questions list. Just like comparing two numbers, if a match is made, the statement evaluates to true; otherwise it"s false.

. [ 10 ]. Download at Boykma.Com 7 . Next steps Our focus has be en on using lists and variables to drive the action in our game. If you wanted to expand on this game, try adding graphical effects to the sprites and creating a design that begins to tell a story. Using the concepts in this chapter, you could create other games of chance, such as blackjack, bingo, or a lottery number predictor.

The text operators give you a lot of flexibility to create more complex and natural conversations.. Summary. We have seen the power that lists and variables give us to create dynamic, flexible, and fun projects. As you worked through this chapter, you probably realized that we could have used lists in some of our previous projects. For example, our scripts in 5 would have been much smaller had we used lists.

We learned how to manipulate lists, a special kind of variable, to collect a group of related items. We continued to explore variables by using them to store text. The mod block helped us identify intervals as we iterated through our list.

We used a variable to keep track of the interval so that we could program specific events based on when an interval occurred. When we"re working with text, it"s natural to want to capture keyboard input from our user and then use that text in our scripts. Thanks to the new features in Scratch 1.

4, we saw how easy it was to incorporate test strings from the user. Our programming knowledge has been accumulating nicely to this point even though you may not know it. We"re ready to apply everything we"ve learned, plus more, in our next project.

Get your money.. [ 11 ]. Download at Boykma.Com Download at Boykma.Com Math and Finance If I offered you EAN 13 for .NET $15,000 or one dollar that doubled every day for 30 days, which one would you choose By the time we finish the chapter, you"ll know if you"ve chosen wisely. We"ll use the Indian folktale by Demi, "One Grain of Rice," to inspire our project and to demonstrate the power of doubling.

In the folktale, a village girl asks a greedy king to double a single grain of rice each day for thirty days as a way to accumulate enough rice to feed the hungry villagers. In this chapter, we will illustrate the math behind the folktale and compare it to conventional interest-based accrual methods. Specifically, we will:.

Calculate the to tal amount of money if we double a dollar each day Collect user input via slider input controls Graph the results of a calculation using the pen and stamp tools Build interactive math problems using variables Calculate simple interest on an amount of money. I"m using dollar EAN13 for .NET s as the basis for my project, but the math works whether we use euros, rice, or chicken legs..

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