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, 287 94. 44. Newsweek, December 10, 1962.

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Halberstam also noted that in many areas, for the rst time in years, the Vietcong must be careful because of the Government s new striking power. New York Times, October 21, 1963. 50.

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Resistance War for National Salvation, 49, 53. See also VCD 257, September 1962, TTU, Pike Collection, Unit 1, box 1. 63.

MACV, Translation of VC Document on Ap Bac Battle 2 Jan 63, 20 April 1963, USAWCL. In late 1962, according to a different Communist history of this same area, the enemy continued to cause us many problems and considerable losses. Cao Minh et al.

, Quan Khu 8, 433. 64. In October 1962, according to this history, the South Vietnamese government began launching thirteen waves of operations into Viet Cong base areas and transportation corridors, each wave employing two to three South Vietnamese battalions plus some tribal commandos.

Government forces and the Viet Cong battled ercely for the next two months. As a consequence of these operations, the history stated, a number of cadre became discouraged, wavered, and wanted to retreat. Tran Duong et al.

, Lich Su Khu 6, 98 100. 65. The performance of the South Vietnamese Army remains a much misunderstood subject.

In a new, but poorly researched and argued, history of the South Vietnamese Army (ARVN), Robert K. Brigham argues that because of poor leadership and training, the ARVN never coalesced into an effective ghting force. Brigham, ARVN, 27.

Brigham speci cally contends that the South Vietnamese Army fared poorly in 1962 and 1963. Ibid., 9 10.

66. Numerous histories have described the strategic hamlet program as an abject failure. Asprey, War in the Shadows; Bergerud, The Dynamics of Defeat; Brigham, Guerrilla Diplomacy; Buzzanco, Masters of War; Cable, Con ict of Myths; Freedman, Kennedy s Wars; Gibson, The Perfect War; Hess, Vietnam and the United States; Herring, America s Longest War; Hunt, Lyndon Johnson s War; Kahin, Intervention; Karnow, Vietnam; Krepinevich, The Army and Vietnam; Logevall, Choosing War; Lomperis, From People s War to People s Rule; Nagl, Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam; Newman, JFK and Vietnam; Olson and Roberts, Where the Domino Fell; Prochnau, Once Upon a Distant War; Rust, Kennedy in Vietnam; Schulzinger, A Time for War; Schwab, Defending the Free World; Sheehan, A Bright Shining Lie.

The other histories that mention the program credit it with causing some initial problems for the Viet Cong but contend that the program deteriorated over the course of 1963. 67. VCD 35, October/November 1962, TTU, Pike Collection, Unit 5, box 18.

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