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Aim: bring an immediate volume; with no reaction of the body; for immediate lling using barcode implementation for jboss control to generate, create ansi/aim code 39 image in jboss applications. Web app The biological reaction is not wanted and unfavorable for the volumizers, n o cell adhesion no phagocytosis no fragmentation of the agent, ending up with a thin encapsulation. 19 . Long-Lasting Fillers: How Structure Affects Function 81 in ammation they will applet barcode 39 induce, which can lead to local necrosis; and the smaller the size of the particles, the more migration, that is, active transportation by phagocytic cells, sometimes causing dramatic complications at a distance. Therefore a particulate implant should be over 40 m in size. For uid implants, liquid or gel, there is a light reaction around the bulk, but a strong reactivation of the in ammatory process can be seen around each detached microdroplet.

This explains why in ammation may occur sometimes months or years after injection of low-grade-viscosity silicon oil or polyacrylamid gel, and why in ammatory processes can be activated when injecting another substance close to the same location. For uid implants, as there will be only a thin encapsulation, mechanical displacement can occur more easily, especially if the substance is injected in a mobile area, as within muscle, or in large volume. Furthermore, the implant can diffuse into the surrounding tissues, forming digitations, which will make the implant impossible to remove surgically in case of an adverse reaction.

This is why I do not recommend the use of large amounts of material, even if the material has been advocated as a possible material for injectable prostheses (e.g., polyacrylamid gels, BioAlcamid).

. area, causing them to reach the threshold value. In ammation will resume gradually with the disappearance of the product. It is possible to imagine that the same could be seen with Radiesse or New-Fill.

. Chemical Composition Hydrophobic implants induce more bronectin adsorption and more macrophage adhesion, therefore starting a stronger foreign body reaction. Carboxylic groups activate C3, inducing speci c macrophage recognition. Dermalive and Dermadeep are made of irregularly shaped microparticles combining these two chemicals, whose properties make them very recognizable by speci c macrophages.

They therefore have a potential for a strong in ammatory reaction. This is con rmed by up to 11% of patients presenting with complications, including as much as 5.5% secondary granulomas.

. Electric Charge Morphology of Implant Spherical shapes indu barcode 3/9 for Java ce less enzymatic activity, with less in ammatory reaction (Artecoll, ArteFill, Radiesse, NewFill). Smooth surfaces induce more collagen secretion, which is the aim for particulate implants, but porous or irregular surfaces induce a more severe foreign body reaction. The brous capsule is often irregular, thicker on at surfaces, and thinner over the edges.

. Positively charged be ads attract and/or activate macrophages. Positive surface charges induce greater FBGC formation. Positive surface charges induce faster reorientation of collagen bundles.

Positive surface charges result in thicker connective tissue. Negative surface charges could repel negatively charged bacteria. The only available positively charged implants are Beautisphere and Reviderm, composed of dextran microspheres with hyaluronic acid.

But despite this potential for strong collagen activation, its effects do not seem to last longer than a year.. Implantation Site Surface Area There is a critical v Code 3 of 9 for Java alue for a particle surface area, above which the in ammatory response increases spectacularly. It has been shown that for a given mass, the largest particles induce more in ammation, and a spherical particle induces less in ammation than an irregularly shaped one, as it has the smallest surface for the largest mass. But for a given mass, 100- m beads induce 56% collagen formation, and 40- m beads induce 78% collagen formation.

This is understandable since the total surface area for the same mass composed of the smaller microspheres is larger. This concept of threshold surface area could also explain why particles of irregular or porous surfaces induce more in ammatory reactions, as porosity increases their total surface area. It is well known that the gradual degradation of polylactic acid implants, such as microscrews and plates, induces strong in ammatory reactions after thirty to sixty months.

This gradual degradation increases their surface. The complication rate is less in chin and malar areas, but it is greater in nose and ears. This seems to be related to thickness and tension of the overlying skin. Furthermore, it has been shown that the brous capsule is thicker on the surface toward the skin and thinner on the surface facing depth.

Implantation within muscles (lip) can break the implant into small masses, leading to displacement and nodule formation..
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