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On some systems, you may see a DOS command window appear after using barcode integration for .net control to generate, create qr code image in .net applications. Postnet typing notebook .NET qrcode , but before the M-book appears. We recommend that you close that window before working in the M-book.

. For M-books to work properly, you need to have Macros Enabled in your Word installation. If an M-book opens as a regular Word document, without M-book functionality, it probably means that macros have been disabled. To enable them, rst close the document (without saving changes), then go to Tools : Macro : Security.

.. from the Word menu bar, and reset your security level to Medium or Low.

Then reopen the M-book. An alternate, and on some systems (especially networked systems) a preferable, launch method is rst to open a previously saved M-book either directly through File : Open..

. in Word or by double-clicking on the le name in Windows Explorer. Word recognizes that the document is an M-book, so automatically launches MATLAB if it is not already running.

A. 6: M-Books wor .net framework qr codes d of caution: If you have more than one version of MATLAB installed, Word will launch the version you installed last. To override this, you can open the MATLAB version you want before you open the M-book.

. You can now typ e into the M-book in the usual way. In fact you could prepare a document in this screen in precisely the same manner that you would in a normal Word screen. The background features of MATLAB are only activated if you do one of two things: either access the items in the Notebook menu or press the key combination CTRL+ENTER.

Type into your M-book the line 23/45 and press CTRL+ENTER. After a short delay you will see what you entered change font to bold New Courier, encased in brackets, and then the output. ans = 0.5111 will appear bel ow, also in New Courier font (but not bold). It is also likely that the input and output will be colored (the input in green, the output in blue). Your cursor should be on the line following the output, but if it is at the end of the output line, move it down a line and type solve( x 2 - 5*x + 5 = 0 ) followed by CTRL+ENTER.

After some thought MATLAB feeds the answer to the M-book:. ans= [5/2+1/2*5 VS .NET QR Code ^(1/2)] [5/2-1/2*5^(1/2)]. Finally, try ty ping ezplot( x 3 - x ), then CTRL+ENTER, and watch the graph appear. At this point your M-book should look like Figure 6-1. You may note that your commands take a little longer to evaluate than they would inside a normal MATLAB Command Window.

This is not surprising considering the amount of information that is passing back and forth between MATLAB and Word. Continue entering MATLAB commands that are familiar to you (always followed by CTRL+ENTER), and observe that you obtain the output you expect, except that it is formatted and integrated into your M-book..

If you want to .net vs 2010 QR Code JIS X 0510 start a fresh M-book, click on File : New M-book in the Menu Bar, or File : New, and then click on

. Working with M-Books Figure 6-1: A Simple M-Book. Working with M-Books You interact with data in your M-book in two ways via the keyboard or through the menu bar. Editing Input Place your curs Quick Response Code for .NET or in the line containing the second command of the previous section where we solved the quadratic equation x 2 5x + 5 = 0. Click to the left of the equal sign, hit BACKSPACE, type 6 (that is, replace the second 5 by a 6), and press CTRL+ENTER.

You will see your output replaced by. ans = [ 2] [ 3]. By changing the VS .NET qrcode quadratic equation we have altered its roots. You can edit any of the input lines in your M-book in this way, including the one that generated the graph.

See what happens if you click in the ezplot command line, change the cubic expression, and press CTRL+ENTER..
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