GLOSSARY generate, create qrcode none on .net projects Console application mercury 760 mm Visual Studio .NET QR Code 2d barcode high. (Note that the cross-sectional area of the mercury column does not matter, because the pressure is the force per unit area.

) PRIESTLEY, JOSEPH (3.1): 1733 1804. Unitarian minister and librarian.

Chemist, who discovered oxygen and other gases. Supported the French Revolution and took refuge in the United States in 1794. QCD (11.

3): Quantum chromodynamics: the theory of the strong forces between quarks, constructed by generalizing the gaugeinvariance of QED to the more complicated colour gaugeinvariance. QED (9.7): Quantum electrodynamics: the quantum theory of electromagnetism.

QUANTUM (8): As a noun, a discrete quantity of something, for example, energy or angular momentum. As an adjective, pertaining to quantum theory. QUANTIZE (8): To force a quantity to have a discrete set of values, for example, the energy of a hydrogen atom.

More generally, to quantize a classical theory is to produce the corresponding quantum theory. QUARK: A fractionally charged, fermion constituent of baryons and mesons. RAY (4.

3): A very thin beam of light. To some approximation, light rays remain thin and travel in straight lines. REFRACTION (4.

3): The bending of light (or other wave such as sound) on passing from one transparent medium to another. RIEMANN, GEORGE FRIEDRICH BERNHARD (7.2): 1826 1866.

Hugely innovative Gottingen mathematician and theoretical physicist. For our purposes his main importance is that, following Gauss, he developed the mathematics of curved space and speculated that physical space might be curved. He also predicted the existence of shock waves.

ROMER, OLE CHRISTENSEN: 1644 1710. Danish astronomer. Discovered the nite speed of light from observations of the satellites of Jupiter.

ROYAL INSTITUTION: Planned and partly created by Benjamin Thompson (Count Rumford). Initially nanced by a group of proprietors paying 50 guineas each. George III was patron.

. GLOSSARY One aim was to QR-Code for .NET improve agriculture. Had a lecture room, a laboratory and a repository of useful devices .

Appointed Davy and then Faraday, two men who were masterly lecturers as well as being great scientists. ROYAL SOCIETY: Founded in 1660, it was one of the rst scienti c academies (the Paris Academy of Sciences was founded in 1666). Partly inspired by the ideas of Francis Bacon (1561 1626), which favoured empiricism over tradition.

Newton was president from 1703 until his death in 1727. RUMFORD, COUNT: See Thompson. SAKHAROV, ANDREI (14.

5): 1921 1989. Russian nuclear physicist and cosmologist. Played important role in Soviet hydrogen bomb project.

Dissident. Nobel Peace Prize 1975. Exiled to Gorky 1980 6.

SALAM, ABDUS (12.3): 1926 1996. Pakistani theoretical physicist, who worked mainly in London and Trieste.

One of the discoverers of the uni ed theory of weak and electromagnetic forces. SCALAR: A scalar quantity, in contrast to a vector, is one that has no direction associated with it. A scalar is completely de ned by a single number.

For example, mass is a scalar, whereas velocity is a vector. SCHRODINGER, ERWIN (8.5): 1887 1961.

He and Heisenberg were the rst to construct, in 1925, complete quantum theo ries. Educated in Vienna, he became a professor in Zurich in 1922 and in Berlin in 1926. He spent 1934 6 in Oxford but returned to Austria (Graz) until 1939.

Then he went to Dublin, to the Institute of Advanced Studies created there with him in mind by the prime minister Eamon de Valera (were it had two schools: Celtic Studies and Mathematical Physics). In 1956, he returned to Vienna. Like Einstein, he was never satis ed with quantum theory.

His book What Is Life (1944) may have affected the development of molecular biology. Both Crick and Watson have attested to its in uence on them. SCHWARZSCHILD, KARL (13.

1): 1873 1916. German observational astronomer and theoretical physicist. Director of Potsdam observatory.

In the last year of his life, he calculated.
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