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T+ T + generate, create none none in none projectscode-39 in c# (16.14). VS.NET dxf (t , x). Figure 16.5 shows t none for none he forward interest rates that de ne the caplet payoff function at different times t , ti , t0 . For the caplet the scaled payoff at remaining time m is given by F ( m , t , T ) V [X F ( m , T , T + )]+ B( m , t ).

The important point to note is that the form of the payoff does not change with time. The discounting factor at time t that appears in the payoff at maturity, namely the bond price B(t , T ), is changed into the forward bond F ( m , t , T ) as one moves to an intermediate time m , as shown in Figure 16.5; there is no additional discounting factor.

The American option price at time i+1 is equal to the maximum. In the numerical st none none udy, only the special case of T = t , will be considered; for now, the midcurve caplet is analyzed as the formulas are more transparent.. American options for coupon bonds and interest rates t F (ti,t ,T ) = * t T T+ ti ti L (ti,T ) = t* ti t0 0 t0 t*. Figure 16.5 V F [ none none i , t , T )(X F ( i , T , T + )]+ /B( i , t ): the scaled payoff function for the caplet at intermediate time ti [t0 , t ]..

of the initial tria l option value gI ( m+1 ) and the payoff function at time m+1 ; hence C( m+1 , t ) = g( m+1 ) B( m+1 , t ) = Max g( m+1 ), V F ( m+1 , t , T ) [X F ( m+1 , T , T + )]+ B( m+1 , t ) (16.15). Note from Eq. (16.1 none for none 5) that, in effect, the option price C( i+1 , t ) is being compared with the payoff function V F ( i+1 , t , T ) (X F ( i+1 , T , T + ))+ .

. 16.3.2 Coupon bond The coupon bond payoff function, from Eq. (4.20), is given by ci B(t , Ti ) K i=1 + The scaled coupon bond payoff, at time i , is given by N j =1 cj F ( i , t , Tj ). B( i , t ) As is t none none he case for the interest rate caplet, at intermediate time m [t0 , t ] the bond price B(t , Tj ) at time t , in the payoff function has been replaced, at time m , by. 16.4 Forward interest rates: lattice theory the forward bond pr none for none ice F ( m , t , Tj ). The American option price at time m+1 is given by C( i+1 , t ) = g( m+1 ) B( m+1 , t ) = Max g( m+1 ), . N j =1 cj F ( m+1 , t , Tj ). B( m+1 , t ). (16.16). Note the important none for none fact that for both the caplet and coupon bond, the payoff function at each time m is identical to the form of the payoff function at maturity time t . In particular, the payoff function is scaled when it is compared with the trial option price g( m+1 ) and this results in the option price being directly compared to the payoff function at intermediate time m+1 . 16.

4 Forward interest rates: lattice theory The quantum eld theory of forward interest rates is de ned on the trapezoidal domain in the continuous xt plane, as shown in Figure 5.1. To obtain a numerical algorithm, the xt plane is discretized into a lattice consisting of a nite number of points.

The calendar time direction, as mentioned earlier, is discretized into a lattice with spacing and future time direction x is discretized into a lattice with spacing a. Recall, from Eqs. (5.

4) and (5.6), the stiff action for continuous calendar and future time is given by5 1 S= 2 + 1 4 dt 2 x 2 dx f / t . 1 + 2 . x.
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